The “Domaine de l’Echassier” hotel located near Cognac, a city renowned worldwide for its historic heritage and the “Spirit of the Gods”: the Cognac.

Our customers can appreciate the calm atmosphere within a green setting and a wooded park over 1 hectare of land.

In a cosy setting, an ideal place for relaxation with a living room filled with oversized armchairs, you will find a warm welcome, and all the professional attention you need.

As soon as the warm weather arrives, meals are served out on the terrace and the swimming pool is open for complete relaxation.

Domaine de l'Echassier - Arlène et Patrick Jolly - hôtel 3 étoiles et restaurant - 72, rue de Bellevue - 16100 CHATEAUBERNARD-COGNAC
TÚl : +33 (0) 545 35 01 09 - Fax : +33 (0) 545 32 22 43 -